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Our Editorial Policy

Oíste, the Volunteer online magazine of Peace Corps Colombia, aims to inform and entertain its readers. We welcome as well as solicit all relevant submissions from volunteers, staff, and other members of the PC Colombia community.

The editorial committee reserves the right not to publish articles that we consider unsuitable. While we are open to a variety of content and styles—serious, reflective, humorous, professional, didactic, etc—we are also committed to providing a newsletter that reflects the best of PC Colombia. To the best of our discretion, we will not publish articles that may offend potential readership, including volunteers, staff, and Colombians.

We reserve the right to request edits, but no article will be changed or published without authorial review. If articles are not submitted by the deadline, and then once again by the given revision deadline, articles will be held for publishing until the next issue. Grammatical or other such changes that do not modify the article’s substance may be made at the editors’ discretion.

Final editorial decisions are made by Oíste’s editorial committee in consultation with, when necessary, the VAC, Country Director, and Director of Programming and Training. Concerns about specific editorial decisions should be addressed to and resolved through the VAC, in conjunction with Oíste.

If you If you wish to become part of the Oíste Editorial committee, please contact the current committee at

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