From the Editors

Tamara Neuhaus shot this photo during a week-long cooking camp, where she taught the community in Suan how to cook with the superfood moringa.

Saludos Peace Corps Colombia and friends,

The past few months have been full of projects, trainings and activities. It’s hard to believe that CII-5 is approaching their one year anniversary and CII-4 will be begin their COS conference, not to mention the arrival of CII-6 in less than one month!

This month we welcomed Regina Ernst and Rick Grijalva to the team to take over Allison Bakamijan and Andrew Mulvaney’s editing positions after they COS this fall. We also are pleased to announce that Oíste will be published here in our new online magazine. Click here to read the new August 2014 issue, and feel free to submit an article, poem, story, recipe, drawing or photo essay for the November issue.

Best of luck to CII-4 in their future endeavors, and thanks for reading!

The Oíste Team


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